Tap House Club

Great rewards. done easy.

Signing up gets you

200 Bonus Points ($10 Value)

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Awesome rewards the EASY way.
  • $1 spent=1 point, 100 points=$5 off your next bill
  • No physical card – to use in store just tell server and lookup will be by phone # or Last name


Save or splurge? Your call.
  • Once you hit 100 points, you may then spend your Tap House dollars reward on any future visit you choose.
  • Redeem part of your rewards balance or the whole pot– it’s totally up to you.
  • Once you’ve earned them they’re all yours; Tap House dollars never expire!


We’ll make your day extra special.

Provide your birthday during signup or update through your Tap House Club online account and receive a special reward that may be redeemed the month of your big day!

  • Free Birthday Entree! (max. discount value $12.99)

Questions? See FAQ on this page or Contact Us!


  • Are there any exclusions?

    Only 1…you will not receive points for purchasing gift cards.

  • Where can I view my current rewards balance?

    You can log in to your account by clicking the “Log in to check your rewards” link above and once you log in you will be able to view your current rewards balance. Additionally, you may view your rewards balance on the bottom of your most recent receipt or ask your server during your next visit!

  • I signed up online in the past, but I don't remember my login info.

    Click the “Log in to check your rewards” link/button above.

    Next, select “Forgot your Password?” in the bottom of the login portal. Complete the reset process by following the direction provided.

    Still having difficulties? We may be able to recover your account via name, phone number, and email address. Please submit a login assistance request through the form at the bottom of this page!

  • May I request credit for a past visit that I forgot to mention my rewards status?

    Definitely! We are able to credit a member’s account within 60 days of purchase. You must have already signed up for the Tap House Club Program at the time of the visit you are requesting credit. Please submit your check details through the form below, and we’ll confirm when the process is complete. Next time make sure to let your server/bartender know you are a part of our rewards program so you can get credit for the points in store!

  • How do I redeem my Tap House Club Dollars?

    After you reach the 100 point milestone you will accrue your $5 back off your next bill.

Rewards Questions

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